About Enjo

Enjo helps parents feel appreciated, supported, and more connected to their families by making daily mindful reflections. After just one week of using the app, 86% of our users report having a more positive outlook on their lives.

👬 The team behind Enjo

Enjo is being built by an expert team of psychologists, researchers, engineers, and parents that believe in using technology to improve mental well-being. Would you like to join? Reach out to our CEO Hoa Ly!

⚗️ Research on Enjo

One of our goals is to help researchers gain new insight into human psychology. We’ve conducted a pilot study on Enjo’s predecessor, in collaboration with professor Gerhard Andersson (Linköpings university & Karolinska Institute). It’s the world’s first peer-reviewed paper investigating how a chatbot can affect stress and emotional well-being. The results showed that talking to our app on a regular basis for only 14 days decreased stress and increased mental well-being significantly compared to a control group. The study was a randomized controlled trial, and was published in the scientific journal Internet Interventions. Read more about the study here.

🤔 Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to the most common questions about Enjo.

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