Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 What is Enjo?

Enjo is an app that provides instant emotional support for parents. Non-judgmental & available 24/7.

😔 Can I talk to Enjo about negative things?

You can talk to Enjo about the hassles of everyday family life, but if you are depressed or want to discuss serious issues, Enjo is not the right tool for you. Enjo is not a therapist and should not be regarded as a treatment for mental illness.

😊 Why should I use Enjo?

Enjo will help you feel appreciated, supported, and more connected to your family by making daily mindful reflections. Enjo uses these mindful reflections to give personalized support when you are feeling down, stressed or worried. Chatting with Enjo is a way to invest a minute in your emotional well-being.

⚗️ Is Enjo based on any research?

Yes! We’ve done a pilot study on Enjo’s predecessor, in collaboration with professor Gerhard Andersson (Linköpings university & Karolinska Institute). The study showed that talking to our app on a regular basis for only 14 days decreased stress and increased mental wellbeing significantly compared to a control group. The study has been published in the scientific publication Internet Interventions. Read more about it!

📱 Why do you use phone number for login?

We believe this is the most convenient way for the user. It means you don’t have to keep track of yet another password. We do not use phone numbers for anything else.

🙅 Can you sell or share my data?

Privacy is at the heart of everything we do. Our own employees can’t even view sensitive data that you may choose share with Enjo – other than anonymized and on group level. We also don’t share or sell your data to anyone, without your explicit consent. Consent could for example be that you choose to share a reflection to another Enjo user. For more information on how we handle privacy, please read out Privacy Policy.

❌ Can I delete my data?

Yes, if you choose to delete your account, your data will be deleted from our database. You can delete your account at any time, just click “Delete my account” in Settings in the app. The data will still be in our back up for at the most 12 months, but if you ask us we can of course remove that as well immediately. In that case, just get in touch: