FAQ about Enjo being acquired

Are you shutting down Enjo?
Yes, but not immediately. Enjo will be up and running until September 1. After that your account and data will be deleted.

Why are you shutting down Enjo?
Enjo has been acquired by KRY/LIVI, the leading provider of digital health care in Europe. We’ll now focus our energy on helping them in their mission to provide accessible high quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they live. Read more about our thoughts on this in the letter from our CEO Hoa Ly.

Can I download my data?
Yes of course. Go to your profile page (tap the button with your name on it on the Home screen), and then tap Settings. There you’ll find the option to download all your personal data. (If you haven’t created an account yet, you need to do that first.)

Can I delete my account already now?
Sure, just tap the button “Delete my account” in Settings.

If I delete my Enjo account, what chatbot do you recommend me talking to instead?
There are a few that we like, we suggest you try Replika, Wysa and Woebot and see which one fits you best.

Why can’t I find Enjo in the App Store?
Since we’re closing down the service we do not want new users to start investing in the app now, so we’ve removed it. However the service will be up and running for existing user until September 1. If you have started using Enjo and then removed it from your phone, you can still download it in this way: Open App Store and go to your profile page, in the top right corner. Click “Purchased”, search for Enjo and click the download symbol.

I have a question you haven’t answered!
No worries, just send an e-mail to support@getenjo.com.